Volume I:

How Maths and Science Power Nations

Volume II:

The State of Maths and Science in Schools

Welcome to Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science.

Pakistan faces a serious challenge in providing its children with a quality education. Poor learning outcomes are a major reason why children drop out before completing primary school.

The performance of Pakistani students in Maths and Science subjects is a cause of particular concern. Test scores reveal that students in Pakistan consistently score the least in these subjects.

PAMS focus is to bring the issue of learning outcomes at the core of the education conversation, and, crucially, about giving Pakistan’s students the building blocks of a sound education.

Join Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science.

The Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science is an informal collective of organisations which believe that the national discourse in Pakistan must begin to privilege maths and science education for the sake of our country’s future generations.

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