Maths and Science activities:

The Pak Alliance for Maths and Science and Alif Ailaan  has been working with member organizations working on maths and science education to showcase how these subjects can be made interactive and engaging. The project has significantly contributed to the campaign’s focus on ensuring that the there is a substantial increase in the political discourse on quality/learning-outcomes, and that there is a concerted effort by the provincial and federal governments to plan for a substantial improvement in the quality of education being imparted in government schools.

11th May-2017                            High Level Forum on IBSE

ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) in collaboration with French Embassy in Islamabad organized a High Level Forum on Science Education through IBSE – La main a la pate (LAMAP) approach on 11 May 2017 at HEC Auditorium in Islamabad. The lead speaker would be one of the co-founders of La main a la pate of France, Professor Pierre Lena of the Academy of Sciences of France. The main objective of this convention was to Prepare students to engage with science ideas and be knowledgeable about the way science and scientists work and Get more students studying science and mathematics at the primary and secondary school levels.

7th–14th Aug 2017                   Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Summer Camp

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary and Secondary Education Department arranged a week long summer camp in over 2000 government schools across 25 districts of KP with its theme around “popular science” and with a purpose to impart knowledge on everyday science among students.

6th Sept, 2017                            Ed tech Convention – Karachi

A convention was chaired by Mr. Abdul Aziz Uqaili, Secretary School Education & Literacy Department. The convention was organized as the Secretary expressed the department’s interest in taking forward science festivals in every division of Sindh. The organizations briefed them about their programs and activities, and urged him to utilise the department’s resources for organising activities across the province to allow students to be involved in events that excite them.

17th Sept, 2017                        Robotics Convention – Quetta

The partner organizations introduced their programs and explained how their initiatives can help the Balochistan Secondary Education Department propose robotics program for government schools. The organizations explained the importance of STEM education in today’s world and how it can equip the children to progress in the fields of tomorrow. A charter outlining the concept of the First Pakistan Robotics League was signed and presented to the Secretary, Secondary Education by all partner organizations.

12th Nov, 2017                         Sindh Assembly Resolution – World Science Day

The Provincial Assembly of Sindh unanimously adopted a resolution commemorating the services of the science community, particularly women in connection with World Science Day. The resolution also reiterated the resolve expressed by CM Sindh to set-up state-of- the-art science centers and museums in Sindh & divisional headquarters and urged the Minister of Information Science and Technology to seek support from the science community in this regard.

20th– 21stDec, 2017            Larkana Science Festival

Alif Ailaan, in collaboration with the Pak Alliance for Maths and Science, Robotics Lab, Science Fuse and Pakistan Science Club, conducted a mini science festival to ignite children’s curiosity and interest regarding science. Over 15,000 students participated in the two-day event hosted at the Larkana Arts Council. The event was supported by the District Government as well as local business owners.

13-15th January, 2018       Habib University – Math-a-thon

MATH-A-THON is one of the initiatives under the Pak Alliance for Maths and Science in collaboration with Code for Pakistan and Numaish Karachi to enhance critical national discourse in the country regarding mathematics. MATH-A-THON is a one day event to be held in universities across Pakistan with the aim to connect the learning of school going children to their daily lives and ensure that they learn through games and spark an interest and love for mathematics in children. To be able to achieve this, undergrad and graduate students of selected universities are engaged in a one day competition where teams link mathematical concepts (grade 1 -10) from the National Curriculum of mathematics to existing local games.