Powering Pakistan for the 21st century

In Pakistan, quality of learning being imparted in schools, especially government schools is extremely poor. Maths and science scores are especially low – according to data collected by the National Education Assessment System these scores fall under 50 percent for every province and region across the country.

In Pakistan, a high percentage of parents cannot send their children to school at all. However, once these children get to school, the quality of education being provided to the vast majority is far below acceptable standards. In order to keep up with the dramatically changing global economy and technological advancement our children urgently need improved maths and science learning at the school level. Maths and science are foundational subjects for a child’s cognitive ability.

Powering Pakistan for the 21st Century is a three volume document compiled by researchers and education activists mobilised by the Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science, including Alif Ailaan, under the patronage of a range of government and non-government organisations.

Volume I of III – “How Maths and Science Power Nations”

Volume II of III – “State of Maths and Science in Schools”

Volume III of III – “A Roadmap to Transform Maths and Science Education”